Loren escribe

Beggining of the Year’s Update


A lot of things happened on the 31st of December, half of them were all from around the globe: Someone I know wishing us a good change of year from Japan while here was still midday, messages from Europe, five hours before the change, and while I was waiting, other countries two hours younger than mine were celebrating, alive and energetic.

My mother pointed that the moon was big, blue and green. I pointed at how many drinks she had down, even though the moon was indeed, at least, big.

We had some fruit salad. When we ran out of beer we started drinking cider. We cheered when the clock made a whole turn, and a neighbor tried to fire up an expired nautical flare. Then we jumped on a truck and we went to the beach. We saw the fireworks as we approached; the last one became dust when we got there.

Someone did throw a successful flare in the ocean. The light fell down slowly, of a shiny red that reflected on the water. The beach was filled with people.

So, that was my New Year’s Night. The rest of the day is as well-known as any other day. At the end, I’m not some book character.


I have three things to tell you that are going to happen this year. Or well, one already happened, one is happening this week; and the other one, we have all long twelve months to enjoy.

The first one is that yesterday I got a mail from F-BOM that I got an honorable mention on their Fall Quarterly Flash-Fiction Contest. I couldn’t believe it.

To start with, it’s my first time winning a contest from another country. It’s my first time taking part of a Flash Fiction Contest, for starts!

I’m incredible flattered. I’m simply too happy to put words to it.

So, please, I invite you to read my story here, The Chorus Flowers, as well as the winning stories, and the honorable mentions. Every story is amazing!


The second one I’m happy to tell you is that I’m going to be guest this week in Jewel E. Leonard Blog with my story A House full of Skeletons!

I’m incredibly happy to be guest, for the first time, in another Writer’s blog. Jewel made a Call for all the Indies that had a ton of submissions, so I invite you to read all the amazing stories going here, on Jewel’s Blog Page!

About Jewel E. Leonard:

Jewel lives with her husband, 9-year-old son, 3-year-old daughter, and minion of darkness in Arizona.

Jewel has been writing since the early 1980s and enjoys reading historical fiction,  paranormal (vampires? yes please!), and romance (the steamier, the better). She has a long-standing affinity for witches, werewolves, ghosts, vampires, and epic relationships. Her alpha-style leading men fall in love hard and fast (and on occasion, even unapologetically). On the flip-side, her leading ladies are feisty, head-strong, and disinterested in falling in love (until the right man comes along).

You can purchase her books here on Amazon.

In the meantime, I’ll be publishing the Spanish version of A House full of Skeletons here in my blog. Stay tuned!


Finally, I’m here to announce that this year I’ll be taking part of the challenge 52 Weeks, 52 Stories; which means I’m going to be writing a story per week. This is, of course, if I’m able to fulfil the challenge that, I can say, is not an easy thing.

I’ll be writing along with two amazing horror-themed-writers I met, E. M. Sheehan (You can find her here, on Twitter) and Samantha Amenn (here are her Twitter, her amazing page about her novel, and her Tumblr Page as Pepperthephoenix).

So, if everything goes as planned, I’ll have a new short story per week to share with you.


Thank you gladly for all your support this year. I’m happy you are here to read what I write, what I work on. For a New Year full of stories together!