The warmth cold -Part 2

Part 1   The wall was taller than three metres, and it looked never ending long. So men crossed the fields just to discover that the wall circled the city. There was a traffic jam from both sides of the barrier, between the ones that wanted to leave and the ones that wanted to enter. …

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The warmth cold – Part 1

  The heat was sliding slowly by the streets and avenues, invading everything with its viscous nature, covering every centimetre of the touristic city. Down there, the pavements, the beach and the sea were being invaded by cheerful tourist; up there, from the clouds, snow was falling. A shiny and pearly like snow, like little …

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La calidez del frío – Parte 1

El calor se deslizaba lentamente por las calles y las avenidas, invadiéndolo todo con su naturaleza viscosa, cubriendo cada centímetro de la turística ciudad. Abajo, las veredas, la playa y el mar eran invadidos por turistas alegres y risueños; arriba, desde las nubes, caía la nieve. Una nieve brillante y perlada, como pequeños diamantes que …

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