While Flying Part 2

First Part Second Part When he woke up, he felt the hot coal in his mouth. He tried to say something, to ask for help, but instead he only emitted a tiny voice, barely audible. He tried to move, still drowsy, and was then when he felt the pull in his arm. He opened the …

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While Flying

  Rob raised his arm for the third time and he looked carefully the shiny purple mark with the shape of a crescent moon. He raised the plastic blind of the tiny window. The strong white light flooded the enclosure, which was until then in shadows, and he forced his eyes to look into his …

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Palillos Parte 4

Primera Parte - Segunda Parte - Tercera Parte Cuando despertó esa mañana, descubrió, casi aterrorizado, que la habitación de su departamento había perdido la puerta. Tardó unos segundos en darse cuenta, mientras tocaba la pared allí donde debía de estar el picaporte. Levantó la persiana, dejando que entrara la luz blanca, azulina, del pre amanecer …

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